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Connecting people in need of help with organizations & suppliers following the Beirut blast.

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Who What Where

The Who What Where of needs assessments - this map incorporates collected damage data from our partner organizations and displays the entries here. Our goal is to help these organizations coordinate with one another to avoid duplicated efforts and address any gaps.


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Do you want to help map buildings damaged by the blast? All you have to do is download an app on your phone and take some pictures. 📸
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The ushahidi page was initially launched to crowdsource needs assessments. It transformed into a data aggregation platform to support coordination efforts. Ushahidi is strongly suited to crowdsourcing data, but less appropriate for more complex filtering, which is why we built the custom mapping solution above. Both are and will continue to be live, but we recommend the above map for complex filtering and upcoming features.

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Open Map Lebanon is a community of mapping volunteers focused on open spatial data in Lebanon.

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